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North Houston Ques

"Friendship is Essential to the Soul"

2019/2020 Ninth District Reclamation Large Chapter of the Year

2016/2017 Ninth District Reclamation Large Chapter of the Year

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Basileus Welcome

     I pray that you and your families are well during these unprecedented times.  As you know we are living in an unprecedented moment in human history, a time when we are witnessing the convergence of an unyielding global COVID-19 pandemic and relentless global civic unrest around racism that has undoubtedly tested the nation's commitment to freedom and democracy. In support of our cardinal principles - Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift - we will remain consistent and committed to being leaders of positive and progressive social change.

     It is truly an honor and a privilege to represent this great chapter of Mu Mu Nu as Basileus.  We are glad that you have chosen to visit our website to learn more about our chapter. 

Our Chapter is based on true Brotherhood and Friendship and we were brought to the Northside of Houston by the Supreme Basileus of the Universe to “change ourselves first and then through Brotherhood and Friendship change our community”. We take tremendous pride in serving our community and fulfilling the mandated programs of the fraternity.  Lastly, I hope this website will be a convenient information resource on events and activities related to our chapter.

     If you are interested in learning more or partnering with Mu Mu Nu, please click the "Contact" link on our website to get in contact with a chapter officer.  Once again, thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay.


Charles Hopkins


Mu Mu Nu Chapter



Being appropriate in character and marked by moral excellence, courage; bravery; and resolve

hill elementary backpack drive aug 2019


Demonstrating an achieving or exceeding attitude toward education, learning and being informed.



Exhibiting a “spirit” of brotherhood, togetherness, humility, cooperation, and a willingness to go an extra mile for the goal sought.



Sharing ones gifts with the community in the form verifiable aid, activism and leadership.

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OPP Lighting Bolt
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Paul Lawrence Dunbar

A CRUST of bread and a corner to sleep in,
A minute to smile and an hour to weep in,
A pint of joy to a peck of trouble,
And never a laugh but the moans come double;
And that is life!

A crust and a corner that love makes precious,
With a smile to warm and the tears to refresh us;
And joy seems sweeter when cares come after,
And a moan is the finest of foils for laughter;
And that is life!


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc

Mentorship, Service Organization

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