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Chapter History

The Beginning of Mu Mu Nu

MuMuNu Charter Pic.jpeg

During the Supreme Council Meeting in Las Vegas, NV on July 28, 2016, the 24th 9th District Representative, Brother Dr. Kenneth Terrell made the motion to charter Mu Mu Nu Chapter in Conroe, TX. This motion received a unanimous vote by the Supreme Council.  This inevitability led to the birth of Mu Mu Nu Chapter.


The official charter ceremony took place at the 2017 International Undergraduate Summit located held in Houston, TX on January 20th. The ceremony was performed by the 9th District Representative and attendance included the fraternity's Supreme Council and other dignitaries.

The Mu Mu Nu Chapter #963 of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered with 28 brothers ready and willing to serve! The brothers are as follows:

1.   Bro. Lionel Aaron (Epsilon Tau)

2.   Bro. Ricardo Sewell (Mu)

3.   Bro. Bennie Isabell (Sigma Omicron)

4.   Bro. Edward Hazelrig (Theta Zeta)

5.   Bro. Dr. Dyrren D. Davis (Theta Sigma)

6.   Bro. Pastor Olus Holder, Jr. (Xi Omega)

7.   Bro. Terry Williams (Eta Mu)

8.   Bro. Derrick Murphy (Eta Mu)

9.   Bro. Charles Hopkins (Theta Mu)

10. Bro. George Griffin, III (Nu Phi)

11. Bro. Kip Joseph (Theta Sigma)

12. Bro. Tamar Lane (Psi Mu)

13. Bro. Ronald Edwards (Mu Psi)

14. Bro. Wyman Lewis (Pi Delta)

15. Bro. Joe Scott (Eta)

16. Bro. Joseph Long (Mu Pi)

17. Bro. Christopher Blocker (Pi Delta)

18. Bro. Dr. Sheldon Moss (Phi Iota Iota)

19. Bro. Sylvester Horton (Xi Kappa Kappa)

20. Bro. Dr. Jerrel Wade (Pi Delta)

21. Bro. Jomo Fuller (Phi Iota Iota) 

22. Bro. J'Mal Stewart, Sr. (Phi Iota Iota)

23. Bro. James Manuel (Phi Iota Iota)

24. Bro. Dr. Warren Celestine (Theta Kappa)

25. Bro. Casey Howard (Rho Beta Beta)

26. Bro. Larry Hay (Tau Pi)

27. Bro. Greg Montgomery (Iota Nu)

28. Bro.  Julius White (Iota Sigma)

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