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A Message on Friendship

Proverbs 18:24 states, “In order to gain a friend, we must first show ourselves friendly.”  With that being said; with friendships come awesome responsibilities. Mu Mu Nu (MMN) with great enthusiasm accept these responsibilities as we pursue this endeavor to establish and maintain Brotherhood and Friendship as the primary foundations we set to build and sustain as a rapidly growing chapter.  MMN is a professionally diverse chapter that actively work to utilize the shared conditions, experiences, and concerns of its members to create a place where brothers from any district, and men from different backgrounds can find; through association, a place where they uniquely fit; Ideally a New Home is not about location within Mu Mu Nu, but more about a place for you to fit. The consistencies within our Fraternities’ rituals, tradition of praying, serving, singing, and marching, provides that place to fit, and ultimately provides a positive alternative to the inconsistencies that keep men from binding themselves together in greater Friendship and greater Service to our community.  Within MMN, as our Founding Father intended, we work diligently to develop Brotherhood and Friendships. We strive to foster bonds that last a lifetime. We also work to make the very best use of every chapter resource by establishing professional contacts, and maintaining partnerships with corporate and community organizations, making MMN more versatile, efficient, and impactful. Through Brotherhood and Friendship, we are better equipped to mentor, and participate actively in all civic, social, and community activities, and in due course, to ultimately uphold the Fraternities four cardinal principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Men of North Houston, we were not individually located in this area by mere chance. We were gathered on the northside of Houston for a reason. We were brought together by the Supreme Basileus of the Universe to change ourselves first, and then through Brotherhood and Friendship, change our community.  If you are in the North Houston area and you are looking for a chapter to make your new home, this is it.


Charles Hopkins

Mu Mu Nu Chapter

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